Our Clients

Sadie Best in Show

Sadie Ray — Whispering Masterpiece

sandie and spider

Sandie Macica — My Blue Christopher

Debbie Worth — Trebles Mucho Uno

Magoo Driving

Emma Kate Flanagan — Magoo

Robin and Stonecroft Intuition

Robin Peters-Turney — Stonecroft Intuition

amanda and uno

Amanda Worth – Trebles Mucho Uno

Maddie and Drillbit

Drillbit – Maddie Carlson and Donaldsonville

Chris Argento – Peanut

Elizabeth Rossi – Cherrydale Mary Grace

Ada Pelermo and Tara’s Downtown Man

Alana Gannon – GLB Chili Pepper

Cindy Grimm and Pegasus Commander Jack

Sarah Paris and Ledyard Maximilian


Jillian Zick and DSD Gratzi

LPS Why Not Me owned by Ashley Treat

Ledyard Sebastian owned by Barbara Ferguson

Aljaks Sparks Afire owned by Holly Janvrin

Payton Luongo and Alphastar Special Kay

DSD Gratzi, leased by Quinn Treat

Indian Creek Calistoga and Sophia Eckhard

Sophia Eckhard leading Sophia Platner on Trebles Mucho Uno who is owned by Debra Worth

Isabella Stover and LPS Rebel Yell

Emma Palmisciano and EKL Utopia

Emma Kate Flanagan and Queen’s Brother George

Molly Flanagan on LVM I’m All Business owned by Hailey Spickerman

Ada Pelermo and Spirit of Benefactor