Our Clients

kate championship

Kate Vail — Merrihill Isaboo

Sadie Best in Show

Sadie Ray — Whispering Masterpiece

sandie and spider

Sandie Macica — My Blue Christopher

Crystal and Parker

Crystal Green — RGM Park Avenue

Debbie Worth — Trebles Mucho Uno

Magoo Driving

Emma Kate Flanagan — Magoo

anna and moses

Anna Kufs

Robin and Stonecroft Intuition

Robin Peters-Turney — Stonecroft Intuition

emily championship

Emily Jones — Steele the Stage

amanda and uno

Amanda Worth – Trebles Mucho Uno

Lex  Baxter NY Morgan 2014

Alexa Rahman – EKL Assets Vision

IMG_0951 (2)

Billie Taft – Walnut Ridges Solid Gold

Maddie and Drillbit

Drillbit – Maddie Carlson and Donaldsonville

Kaitlyn Tracy – Oklahoma Midnight Hank

Lauren Cheney - Flintwood Krackerjax

Lauren Cheney – Flintwood Krackerjax

Lonneke Blok – DG Dry Jill

Chris Argento – Cowgirl

Chris Argento – Peanut

Elizabeth Rossi – Cherrydale Mary Grace