Lesson Horses


Huey — Suave Faire

Huey, a registered Morgan, is ridden English by our advanced intermediate hunt seat and saddle seat riders. Huey’s main job is to teach his riders to always pay attention. He never fails to make his point if someone does not put out their best effort while they are riding him.

linda and billy

Billy – Casey’s Irish Splendor

Billy is a registered pony sized Morgan who is invaluable to our program. He teaches Special Olympians to canter, takes walk-trot and walk trot canter riders to shows and wins them ribbons. We can always count on Billy to help out whenever he is needed.


Mariah — Prindle’s Nite Life

We acquired Mariah, a registered Morgan, with the help of the Saddlebred Rescue of New Jersey. It has taken her a couple of years to settle in, but she is now an invaluable part of our Special Olympic program. She willing teachers her riders to ride independently at the walk and jog or trot. She goes with them to state competitions and wins them gold medals both in equitation and trail.


Floyd – Fortissimo

Floyd, a registered Morgan, is one of World Champion lesson horses. He has competed on a national level both western and hunt seat and has been very successful. He is now shown by our lesson students who are contemplating owning their own show horses at some point. Those who have shown him can tell you that victory passes can be very exciting.

Apache Silver Buck

Cash — Apache Silver Buck

Cash, a registered paint, is another of our great beginner mounts for our Special Olympians and our regular students. He goes to shows with his walk trot riders and is always successful. He is especially enjoyed by our Special Olympians because he allows them to ride independently and learn to really ride.


KC — Kane Creek Kryptonite

K.C., a registered Morgan, is another of our World Champions. He is shown western most of the time. K.C. is as dependable as the day is long and will take five year olds into walk jog classes and win them blue ribbons. He will also take our junior exhibitors and adults to All-Morgan shows and win them championships. We are very lucky to be able to offer him as a mount to some of those who hope to own a Morgan some day. He has made Morgan lovers of our Japanese and Dutch clients as well as many Americans.

Henry – Spirit of Benefactor

Henry is a 16 year old Morgan who came to us just before Thanksgiving. Henry is being ridden western, hunt seat and saddle seat and is especially liked by our riding students because he is so friendly.


Oreo — Destined to Command

Oreo is a registered pony sized Morgan. Our walk trot riders show him and our beginning walk trot canter riders show him in the pony division of local shows. His riders love to show him because they can be assured of good ribbons.


Finny — DFM Friendships Finnegan

Finny, a registered Morgan, came to us from the same lesson program as Tex. He is ridden primarily western by our adult intermediate and advance riders. They especially like taking him to shows.

Vigilmar Thomas

Thomas — Vigilmar Thomas

Thomas, a registered Morgan, is on loan to us until he is sold. He is ridden English and western by intermediate and advanced riders. He is one of our best teachers because he insists that his riders learn to engage their seat bones and ride with soft hands and bodies.


Fudge — Cedar Creek Olympia

Fudge, a registered Morgan, is the last of Keith’s junior exhibitor show horses. We ride her saddle seat and hunt seat. Frequently she is leased to one of our lesson students so they can ride more often and enjoy the trails which are accessible to the farm.


Slammer — Gradell’s Gran Slam

Slammer, a registered Morgan, is on loan to us from a family who showed him when the girls were in school. Slammer is an invaluable beginner mount both to our Special Olympians and our regular riding students. His patience, cooperation and beauty are a testament to just how great Morgan horses can be in any lesson program.


Esperanza — Leos Coco Rocket

Esperanza, a registered breeding stock paint, is our number one beginner mount. She willing teaches five year olds to walk and trot or jog. She helps all levels of Special Olympians to ride successfully. She goes to completions with our Olympians and demonstrates to all that she is always trustworthy.


Slo Mo — RGM Chevalier

Mo is the third of our world champions. Primarily he is ridden and shown saddle seat. Mo loves to show off and always gives his rider the great feeling of riding saddle seat


Tex — Texas Tea Freedom

Tex, a registered paint, came to us from another lesson program. He is ridden English and western for advanced beginner to experienced riders. He also helps out in our Special Olympics program. We have taken him several local shows and hope to do more with him this summer.