Letter from Camp Abilities Saratoga

Dear Sue,

On behalf of Camp Abilities Saratoga thank you for your support of our inaugural overnight sports camp for blind students from the Capital Region and beyond. The week of August 3-9 was filled with camaraderie, skill development, confidence building and many “firsts” for students, but really special were all the smiles and “I did it!” indicating that “A Loss of Sight….Never a Loss of Vision” rang true.

Your generous support of the experiences at Rolling Oaks Stable was very special for our campers. Many of them remarked it was their favorite nighttime activity. The support staff that you provided was phenomenal as well. These experiences provided the campers with a chance to enter the world of sports and come away feeling more confident that they can participate in future school, family and community sports activities.

You have demonstrated that you care deeply about supporting blind and visually impaired children in the Capital Region through a sports camp and have chosen to make a significant difference in the success of Camp Abilities Saratoga.

We look forward to our future August camps together and sharing many more “firsts” for the campers at Camp Abilities Saratoga.

With sincere gratitude,

Joanne Sole

Camp Abilities Saratoga